12. My earliest childhood memory.

rebecca polaroid little girl smaller

This one is really hard for me to answer because I remember most of my childhood in vivid detail. My memories are in full colour with sound, taste and smell. Sometimes, I can attach a day of the week or the time of day to them but most often it’s just the temperature or the way the light looked. It’s hard to place the earliest memory I have because there are a lot of them and the timeline isn’t clear.

I do remember wearing thick, cloth nappies held together by safety pins with pale pink tops to them. The feel of the metal under my fingers as I flicked them back and forth against the fabric. Sitting on a cool vinyl floor with my short, fat legs spread out in front of me. Music on the radio. My mother’s bare feet in front of kitchen cabinets. The sun, gilded and speckled with dust as it streamed in the window and lit up the floor. I think I’m about one in this memory, although I could be younger.

The photo above is of my third birthday. I always had a cake with green icing because green was (and is) my favourite colour. On my last birthday, my daughter and husband made me a cake just like that. It even had pebbles on the top.

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