13. That thing that really gets my goat.



The End.

No? Well.. okay, then.

I already admitted to being a mighty fine liar in my early years when I wrote about it here. You would think that having been someone with a penchant for moderate exaggeration in the past, I would be understanding when others slip out a white lie or two. But….

My daughter is a bad liar. She will still insist on giving it a good crack every now and then. She is a Heston Blumenthal level foodie with the impulse control of an eleven-year-old. She lives and breathes to eat. She reads recipe books for fun. She bakes like it’s the last cake she’ll ever eat. If you want to discipline her, all you have to do is give her brother something nice to eat and tell her she can’t have any. The couple of times I’ve tried it, I felt lucky to make it to the next morning unscathed. The world was ending, I tell you. It was so unfair it was apocalyptic. So when this food-obsessed kid rises super early as she is wont to do, she often uses this time to poke about in the cupboards and scarf down a packet of crackers. When she lies about it, it gets my goat.


So what gets your goat? Tell me in the comments!

Tell me in the comments!



  1. Ooh…I thought this would be easy but I had to think long and hard to find the thing occupying the top spot.. Know-it-alls. When someone who has no idea what they are talking about INSISTS they know everything about a topic, won’t let the matter rest and will fight to the death to prove they’re right. Nobody cares!

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