15. What I am addicted to and why.

I’m addicted to a few things. Tea. Books. Knowing every little thing my children have eaten that day. The one I am going to share with you is new.

When I became a stay at home mum, I made a simple rule for myself and I’ve managed to stick to it about 90% of the time. Before kids, I worked in fashion as a designer. I love (and still love) fashion. Getting dressed in the morning was one of my favourite parts of the day. With nowhere to go anymore except playgroup or the supermarket.. what was the point of getting dressed up? Hence, the rule. I decided at the wise old age of 25, that I would not wear sloppy clothes. I would still choose my clothes carefully and enjoy getting ready. I would still be me.

Fashion Quarterly

I’m not saying I wear heels and cocktail dresses around the house or do the school run with a snazzy little fascinator on my head (although that could be fun). I wear jeans mostly, or dresses. I always wear flats. But they’re nice jeans, and nice dresses, and nice flats. I can’t afford designer pieces anymore so I get them on eBay and I look for vintage things. I still feel like me.

My sister came to visit last week. We went to Sydney one day and marvelled at the women. They were so put together. So perfect. We went shopping together and looked at all the things we couldn’t buy and talked about what my life could be like if I lived in the city and wore clothes like that every day. We must have come back down to earth at some point because we didn’t buy heels or fancy handbags. We bought.. and I still don’t know how this happened…



I have always said that I will never buy trackpants. I know myself. I was convinced that if I owned them, I would never take the bloody things off. Then I’d be wearing them to the shops or to school. I have nothing against people who do this, by the way, it’s just not for me. I feel better when I’m dressed and ‘done’. When I wear trackpants I feel like I should be convalescing.

So somehow I bought a pair of navy trackpants in a Bonds Outlet 40% off sale. Those sales – I tell you! They’re evil. That night, I decided to change out of my skinny jeans and into these new pants.. which were still quite skinny (who knew there are different styles of trackpants now?!). Oh, the comfort. Nothing pressing into my belly. No pinching behind the knees. I snuggled into our bean bag couch thing and tried not to let the pure joy show on my face,

It’s school holidays at the moment. Yesterday, I wore the trackpants all day. When I had to pick my daughter up from a friend’s place, I hesitated before taking them off, thinking that maybe I could just keep them on. I’m starting to feel a little lost when I know they’re in the wash.

My name is Rebecca and I am addicted to my trackpants.

But I’m still not going to wear them out.

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