19. Brain dump: what’s on my mind right now.

This really does feel like a confession.

I would like to tell you that I have a lot on my mind. The Syrian refugee crisis, The US presidential election, the fact that there is a new airport being built with a proposed flight plan right over my house.

But because I have written three full-length novels in 12 months and it’s school holidays and I’m very tired, my brain which usually looks like this:


Currently looks like this:

Brain 2

Can you hear crickets? It’s actually more like a low, fuzzy white noise kind of sound. My brain is sleeping.

So now I will confess the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning. It wasn’t the Syrian refugee crisis, the US presidential election, or the proposed airport.

It was Married at First Sight.

Have you heard of this show?

Holy cow. So, what happens is, four women and four men who are looking for love sign up to this “social experiment”. They undergo tests and interviews with the three people who are referred to as the experts throughout the show, and then they allow these experts to choose a match for them. Not for a date. For their wedding! They meet their husband or wife on their wedding day.

Oh, it’s terrible. But it’s very good to watch.

My favourites are Simone and Xavier because she is cute as a button and so nice, and she’s clearly into him, even with that hair of his. I had my reservations about 25-year-old Erin – mainly because she had never lived away from home or done a grocery shop and had to call her mum to ask her how to cut up an onion. She’s kind of winning me over though (I see through your sarcasm and defense mechanisms now, Erin!), and her husband Bryce is just about the sweetest man on the planet. I’m pretty sure every viewer in Australia would be quite happy for him to move in or at least turn up for family dinners.

And then there are Jono and Clare. Oh, Lordy. These two turned up at the “Meet the Other Couples” dinner last night separately. Jono pitched a fit earlier in the week and moved out because Clare called him on his tantrums and teased hm about being scared of crocodiles. He was incredibly rude to her over dinner, openly discussing what went wrong in their relationship with the other couples while she sat right there. It was horrifying to watch. I know there were awkward faces and some crying in the bathroom but this morning I can’t remember much of what was said other than Jono’s favourite movie is Happy Feet. They also showed them watching Frozen in an earlier ep. The producers are having a field day with that one.

So that’s what was on my mind. Pretty cutting edge stuff.

Have a great day everyone, & don’t forget to enter my giveaway by posting a comment on the Swag Bag post!

P.S When is the last time you played with Microsoft Paint?

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