28. 5 things I’m loving right now.



I feel like Spotify was made for people like me. People who love music, but struggle to name a genre they like, or who their favourite band is. My favourite features of Spotify are the “Mood” section and the “Related Artists” section. Being into music is a sort of new thing for me. I’ve always liked it, but I haven’t always known how to find the sound I loved. Now all I have to do it tell Spotify what mood I’m in, and it chooses a playlist for me. And the Related Artist bit has helped me to discover so many singers and bands I would never have heard of otherwise. Spotify has encouraged me to diversify my tastes and even see more live music. Love you, Spotify. You can stay.

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Summer in the middle of Autumn

I got some highlights put into my hair this morning. I’m loving the look of sunshine in my hair, even if the days are growing colder. The only problem is, I feel like I should be packing my bags for a holiday on a tropical island and instead I’m just doing the school run! Oh well.

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Rockport Flats

Due to a chronic pain issue with my pelvis and hips, I am always on the lookout for comfortable flats. It has been suggested to me, more than once, that I try “orthopaedic shoes”. While I appreciate the leaps and bounds such special shoes have made in terms of fashion and design in the last five years, the progress is not quite where I need it to be in order for me to wear them. These flats are the perfect compromise – they have some cushiony bits in them and they’re ridiculously comfortable. When I found them, I bought three pairs in different colours on the spot.


Finding Surprise Selfies

Every parent loves this. We love it so much we might even show them to you, even if you’d rather not see them. This is one photo in a series my son took one night in his room. I have no idea why. Love it.

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Pretty Trees

I love this time of year. It’s cold enough in the morning for a dressing gown but warm enough in the afternoon for short sleeves. And the trees! Everywhere I go there is orange, rust, cherry red, and sunflower yellow.


What are you loving at the moment?

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