30 Days of Confessions



So. This is kind of how my life works. Last night we ate sausages and it was the first red meat I’d eaten in a while. Not months.. just a week. Or two weeks. The point is, it was semi-new and my body wasn’t sure about it. This morning, I didn’t feel so great. That, and a week in Canberra at the National Folk Festival surrounded by cool, bearded vegans and delicious Indian food, led me to a new plan to eat vegetarian dishes every second night and keep red meat to a minimum.

There I was, browsing veggie dishes for tonight online when I came across this cool blog called Veggie Mama. A bit of reading and being nosy (I think we’re going to have her pumpkin and millet risotto tonight) and I stumbled across this writing challenge she did in 2013. Now, as a writer and a born and raised teacher’s pet, this sounded like my kind of homework.

Plus, I have one book that is finished and is awaiting release (The ‘Ohana Tree, if you’ve somehow missed my million social media posts about it), and another book that I am currently hiding from. Or, it is hiding from me. Whatever. We aren’t allowed to speak to one another for 6 weeks. That leaves me with nothing to help me with my write-every-single-day habit.

A challenge! And a writing challenge at that. This will give me something to write every day until The ‘Ohana Tree is released, thus staving off nail biting, insomnia, and screaming at my husband, and it will allow you to be nosy and look around inside my head. I can’t promise that it will always be tidy and/or pretty in there.

I’m stealing these prompts from Veggie Mama, -Stacey, if you read this , I hope you don’t mind. Also, your house looks really cool.

I’ll write every day and post them each evening. Links will be on my Facebook page and my Twitter account.

Here they are:

1. That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed my life forever.

2. The day I left home.

3. That lie I told that I got away with (or didn’t!).

4. The hardest thing I’ve ever been through.

5. 9 things I just can’t handle.

6. My most excruciatingly embarrassing moment.

7. The story of my first kiss (not skipping all the awkward details!)

8. The day I started writing – what was I thinking?

9. The most difficult decision I have ever made.

10. 7 things I learned from being a kid.

11. The last time I cried.

12. My earliest childhood memory.

13. That thing that really gets my goat.

14. The best Christmas I’ve ever had.

15. What I am addicted to and why.

16. My obituary.

17. A DIY on something I know nothing about.

18. What I’ve learned about life so far.

19. Brain dump: what’s on my mind right now.

20. Something I lost.

21. My worst habit.

22. Thank you to a thing that I love.

23. What I want to be when I grow up.

24. Something I found.

25. Something I’ve watched.

26. What’s happening now?

27. What I’m dreaming about.

28. 5 things I’m loving right now.

29. I ask advice on something that is troubling me.

30. A menu for my last meal ever.

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