8. The day I started writing – what was I thinking?


Like a lot of writers, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing down stories. When I was a kid, I used to save my pocket money and buy notebooks and pens from the Miramar stationery shop then hide myself away to write.

The day I started writing online, well, that’s another story.

In 2010, we moved to Australia and I found myself in a place without any family or friends for the first time in my life. My kids were getting older and needing me less (or in different ways) and I had some time on my hands. I didn’t know whether I should get a part-time job or learn something new but I knew that something had to happen. I needed something for myself, something independent of the children and my husband.

It was my sister who suggested I write a blog. I didn’t really know what to write about so I just started making stuff out of things I found in op shops and then posted about it. That blog became born again creations which you can have a nosy at here. It’s been in hibernation for a while now, but I keep it active so that people can still access the old tutorials and crafty projects.

When I think about my journey towards where I am now – writing books and making them – I like to think that each step led on to a bigger, more challenging one. Writing born again creations helped me share what I was doing with people who weren’t my immediate family. It got me writing again, even if it wasn’t fiction. After that, I wrote a children’s book for my daughter..then another one, and another one. Soon, I’ll be releasing my second novel. I have a third ready for editing and a brand new story waiting to come out. Life is good.

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