9. The most difficult decision I have ever made.


I’ve made a few hard decisions in my life so far. I have no doubt that there are more to come. We moved to Australia in 2010, that was pretty hard. A year after our son was born, my husband got the snip. Even though I knew I couldn’t safely carry another baby, it was still hard. Giving up breastfeeding was tough. Moving our daughter to a new school was another hard one.

How do we rank the tough choices we have to make in life?

When I look back at mine, I realise that there is one advantage to a big life decision over everyday ones. Big decisions usually come with discussion with loved ones and lots of thought. Pros and cons. Big decisions mean rationalising your choice to yourself and others. Because of this, we’re rarely alone in the really important decisions we have to make.

The small decisions though – the ones we make hundreds of times in a day – when it comes to those we’re on our own.

The choice to respond to an annoying interruption with patience or a scowl.

Putting down my phone when my son wants to tell me a story.

Loving my husband when he’s driving me nuts.

Saying no to something I don’t want to do.

Saying yes to something that will challenge me.

I think that maybe these are the hard decisions. The mundane, boring, relentless ones. The ones where it’s too easy to make the wrong choice. They’re not monumental and your life won’t change when you make one (unless you choose the wrong thing too many times) but they’re still hard. Because when it comes to deciding on the kind of person you want to be, you only have yourself to blame.

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