Ice Cream Sundae

[su_quote cite=”Crew – Still Waters Chapter Two”]She’s so close to me I can feel the heat coming off her arm and I can smell her hair. God, her hair is beautiful. I drum my fingers on the counter top to stop myself from reaching my hands into it and pulling her face to mine. When she looks back I don’t move my eyes away quick enough and she catches me. She’s got eyes that are more gold than brown, like caramel or amber, and they’re looking right at me.

My eyes quickly flick over her face and I’m trying to think of something witty and sexy to say but I’ve got nothing.  She’s got a smear of chocolate sauce on the edge of her bottom lip and before I know it, I’m reaching out and touching it.  Her lips are pink and soft and I know that if I kissed her right now; they’d taste of sugar and all things good.

She makes a noise and says something like “Oh,” and her voice is surprisingly husky for someone who looks so delicate. My finger is running along the edge of her lip and then she reaches her tongue out and licks the chocolate away. For the briefest of moments her tongue connects with my finger and we both jump. It’s like the time I stuck a knife into a light socket when I was a kid. A surge of heat darts over my finger and up my arm and it doesn’t stop until I’m tingling all over. I want to laugh but then I see that she’s bright red and looks horrified so I quickly introduce myself to cover her embarrassment.  She puts her hand in mine and damn, I feel that electric bolt again. [/su_quote]


This is from my novel, Still Waters.  You can read the Prologue & the first 4 chapters Here.

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