Still Waters

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No one could have guessed that she’d react that way when she found out the truth. After all, Hartley Preston had always done exactly as she was told. She had money, status, the perfect boyfriend and a bright career ahead of her. Who in their right mind would run away from that?

Crew Sullivan’s life is anything but predictable. Never stay too long. Never get attached. He relies on no one and makes damn sure that no one will ever rely on him. It’s one of the many life rules he’s devised to keep himself out of trouble, and it’s one he’s never broken.

Until her.

She wants to escape her future.
He needs to be released from his past.
They’re exactly what the other needs, except for one, small thing.

Hartley is keeping a secret.
And Crew has more than a few of his own.



Speech Bubble 3

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Still Waters


Ali via Good Reads

Still Waters

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